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I created the foley for this animation. All sounds were recorded in a studio with a group using everyday items. https://vimeo.com/147489019

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Sound Map Listening Exercise

This sound map is a representation of the 2nd floor of my Townhouse. Located in my room I heard many different sound that differed in volume, pitch, and intensity. The muffled sounds of the television downstairs traveled in waves up … Continue reading

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Production Lighting Critique

https://princecaden.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/assignment/ The key light itself comes from the computer and creates dynamic shadows that cascade to the back of the subjects head. There is a fill light in the back of the camera man that furthers the lighting of the … Continue reading

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Lighting Assignment

The key light is at a high angle on the subject’s right side. The fill light is on a low angle with low light on the left side. The supporting light is straight on giving some shadows.

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Editing Exercise

https://vimeo.com/139876893 This video is an edited version of the filming exercise that was conducted for our Production I class.

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Shot List

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Peer Critique

After our first assignment we needed to critique other students work in order to better understand our own. Caden Prince WordPress: https://princecaden.wordpress.com/2015/09/02/assignment-1/#more-1199 Symmetrically Balanced: The photo has a little bit of weight on the left side that draws the eye … Continue reading

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