Art Gallery Write-Up #1








(In) Voluntary Memories by Alysia Kaplan

This gallery was presented in the Llewellyn Gallery at Alfred State. Alysia Kaplan is an interdisciplinary artist from Rochester, NY. She uses the forms of sculpture, photography, print and video. Her work is capturing not something that is defined, but something that can lead to possible definitions in each situation. Alysia’s artwork is a creation of “non-linear and abstract associations involving the ‘perceptual event’ of experiencing signs and signifiers-as static moving images” (Kaplan, Alysia).

Experiencing her gallery was an experience where I thought to define each image for what they were when presented, but I found after viewer them once I had to go back and view them again to see what even was taking place in each photo. It was interesting to experience a live scene in my head as I viewed static imagery that wasn’t clearly defined as a defined meaning/association.


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