Check-In 3

These are the rendered scenes done so far. There are some issues with the scenes named “jumpingshots_2” and “gettingup_3”. These shots are cut short so these are a priority to fix right now. I am currently rendering those two at the moment. After those scenes are done only two scenes that are about 100 frames each remains. Besides that, I need a still image from the begging shots from a different angle.

I have sounds ready to put into the piece. These include background sounds, which will be lowered to minimal volume, metal clangs, and a pop sound for when the monkey loses his right arm during the end scene. The only sounds I need is a distorted monkey screech/ shout.

Each video when completely rendered will be color corrected in after effects and then brought into premiere pro. That, the title sequence, and credits will easily be done in one day sitting and be ready to edit into the video.

Overall, I am on task and not stressed for the days that follow. This project will be completed on time with full confidence.


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