Japanese Media Project

For the first Japanese media project I chose to write a poem in 
classic 5,7,5 Haiku form. 

The English Translation:

Recommend us,
Now we are the tortured ones,
Reaching for the Light.

The Japanese Translation:

Suishō sa reru kaisha,
Ima, watashitachiha, gōmon o uketa mono ga arimasu,
Hikari no tame ni tasshimasu.

With some examples I looked at before completing the project I saw many different styles of poetry. Some with simple art placed 
below to help the poem and or the poem itself in a plain formatt.
Some difficulties was getting the correct Japanese symbols so the poem would not be misread. Also the element that I used, which was a small art piece below the poem was difficult in the adaptation of a simpler form. I used plain board with a black and white side. At first I used the white side with black ink, but the end result was not great. So I tried again on the black side with a white 
colored pencil, which actually made the writing of symbols easier. It would have been beneficial if I was able to use a wood block 
print that would create a neater and more traditional art piece.
I had to improvise on the medium I used because complete black ink was unavailable to me, so I used architecture markers that have a thick and thin end.
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