Interaction Review I

A game I could play forever would be Pacman by Namco. It’s an easy to play game that uses a joystick controller and or arrow keys/wasd on the computer. The small movements make it a simple but enjoyable game that makes you want to come back and beat your own score. The actions in the game relative to the physical movement is pretty accurate and doesn’t frustrate me when I mess up and run into a ghost. With the simple actions in the game you are rewarded with a point system counted by the amount of dots on the board that are collected. The most complex action in the game would have to be when you get the larger glowing dot that allows you to swallow the ghosts and gain more point based on how many ghosts you get.

The most annoying and frustrating game that I play, but always come back to, is League of Legends. Physically I use the mouse for clicking movement, the “QWER” buttons for skills, the “tab” button for an overview of the teams, and the “p” button for the shop. The timing between the physical reaction and the virtual is pretty spot on, but can have some mess ups in timing. What frustrates me the most is that you are punished for doing well within the team when the rest of the team does terrible. I’ve seen many people rage over League and it is never pretty.

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