Peer Critique

After our first assignment we needed to critique other students work in order to better understand our own.

Caden Prince WordPress:

Symmetrically Balanced:

The photo has a little bit of weight on the left side that draws the eye downward. The reason for this is because there is a small land mass on the bottom right that takes away from the symmetry of the photo. That being said, the upper side of the photo is well balanced and symmetrical and adds a “ping-pong” effect.

Asymmetrically Balanced:

The photo is asymmetrical because of the weight the tree on the right side has on the rest of the canvas. If the tree was to be darker it would then help the asymmetry more, but overall it is balanced and well taken.

Close Up:

The subject is centered in the photo and pulls away from the importance that he would have. If the subject was in the grid his eyes lie below the line and his head his center square.

Long Shot:

The eye level is in the same place, which is good. The subject is in full view, but centered in the grid again.

Balanced with Weight of Gaze:

The background helps a lot with the weight of gaze as his eye line travels from left to right. The background follows the subject reinforcing the subjects importance in the image.

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