Emotions Animation Project

This project is based of the two emotions of Fervent and Disappointed. The animation is created using the Morpheus rig, which inclines a better manipulation of the body and details of the face. I used reference of myself watching a football game; I was into the game then as it progressed I became dissatisfied with how it was going. The emotion is shown through the face and actions of the limbs and body. I believe that the body emotion is supported by the emotion of the face.

I found some parts difficult as I didn’t account for the quickness of my movement in the reference footage; however, this was an interesting challenge to face and overcome. So instead of trying to match the movement of the reference footage I tried to disperse the movement over burst in the certain area of time to account for the extra movement.

Using a new rig I found as first weird to work with, but then it started to become easier as i slowly kept moving through the project. Another technique that I used, call the correct way of animation, is to pose everything you need to pose in that frame and not to go back and just to the legs one time and or the arms another time back.

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