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Emotions Animation Project

This project is based of the two emotions of Fervent and Disappointed. The animation is created using the Morpheus rig, which inclines a better manipulation of the body and details of the face. I used reference of myself watching a football game; I was … Continue reading

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Business Website Draft

   This is a draft of a business template using photoshop to depict the design of the actual site when made.

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Artist Website This is a site that offers design from the artist and also includes the artists works. This assignment was meant to be a useful tool to create a design based on an artists work.

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Dynamic Animation

Original: This project is a piece to challenge our skills in creating an animation using dynamic movement within the piece. The dynamic range can go from parkour all the way to dance. The dynamic movement I used was a person … Continue reading

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Artist Site Draft

This is a draft of a website based on an assigned artist using photoshop to depict what we hope to do inside the site using HTML.

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Image Gallery This first project incorporates the computer language of HTML and CSS to create a table gallery using global links on the interwebs. The site needed to include a title heading and a description of the site. Each image had … Continue reading

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