Peer Critique

Chris Ferguson:


His animation has good hip movement, but because of the right leg popping in the animation it takes away from the rest of the body. Also the clavicles need more movement because there is only slight movement and its on one side. Next, the arms look stiff as if Norman is forcing himself to walk. The swing should be more fluid and natural and can be easily fixed by using arcs.

Vittorio Stocchetti:


His animation has timing errors due to the switch from step to spline. This can be taken care of using the graph editor in Maya. This will also fix the sliding feet throughout his animation. More hip movement would help the animation look more natural because the hips rotate in a figure eight. The fingers need to move or place in a more natural position because it seems like the hands are forced into that position.

Callie Mcintosh:


In the animation there is some popping and pausing in the leg movement as well as some awkward pauses. Seems unnatural as Norman walks back and forth. The turn in the pace is slow and the legs turn late. The arms lock in place and seem robotic as they try to sway. The hips only move up and down when in fact they should move in a figure eight. Also some clavicle movement in the shoulders would loosen up the animation given a more human pace.



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