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2D Animation Game

file:///Users/jackazueta/Desktop/2D%20Animation%20Game.html I had a lot of trouble with this project. I still couldn’t get the animations to work as well as get the character to jump in the scripting. This was something that I had trouble on and would not … Continue reading

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Azueta_Jack_Sketchbook copy

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Peer Critique

Chris Ferguson: Critique: His animation has good hip movement, but because of the right leg popping in the animation it takes away from the rest of the body. Also the clavicles need more movement because there is only slight movement … Continue reading

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Heavy Push/Pull/Lift

Critique: With the animation I needed to fix the foot going through the floor, fix the feet from sliding in the beginning of the animation, the right arm pops sometimes, make the hole bigger, and fix the block movement when … Continue reading

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Demo Reel

1. Bouncing Balls 2. Walk Cycle 3. Sit to Stand 4. Pace 5. Heavy Push/Pull/Lift

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Sit to Stand

Front View Side View Critique: From the help of my classmates I received critique on my animation. I needed to fix the hip movement when standing up, the right arm pops when he is trying to push upward, the feet … Continue reading

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Critique: During critique I was informed of miscalculations in my animation. Some of these examples are: more reaction in the animation, take out the camera rotation, fix the knees when the character turns around, and scale the eyes to get … Continue reading

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