Comic Panels

Story Used: Prometheus and the Creation of  Man

Panel #1:  Prometheus making the man out of mud and coming to life through Athena

Panel #2: Prometheus giving fire to man, which he stole from Zeus

Panel #3: Zeus being tricked by being given the bones and fate instead of good meat

Panel #4: Pandora’s Box being opened giving all hardships of man and hope

Panel #5: Chiron and Hercules freeing Prometheus from the Mountain and slaying the Eagle

The reason I chose to use this specific scenes in creating the comic is due to the high action in each of these scenes. Also each scene connects to one another from before. And It gives an easy understanding of the story of Prometheus. The action in each scene will also have movement because the scenes chosen are at a point where movement is taking place.

Style Used:






Finishing the comic I chose parts of the story where the most action occurred and can bridge each frame together. I decided to do the whole myth in five frames because I felt that doing only part wasn’t enough to put in the culture from where the myth was derived from.

From reference to Scott McCloud and how images should be placed on the page, I chose to help emphasize the reading from left to right. Also from frame to frame action.

The challenges I faced was during the final process’ of the comic. Trying to color the comic on photoshop proved to be more difficult than anticipated. I had to change the color outline of the characters before trying to color them in. Also since I traced my original using illustrator some of the outline was broken, which created the problem of filling in the characters with color. This is because the color travels in open space so when the outlines were broken it would bleed out and color more than I wanted it to.

Post Critique:


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