Charcoal Self- Portrait

afkehhlagelhjkefiuhgre Photo on 4-14-14 at 1.01 AM


Over-time and with alot of patience I have created a charcoal self portrait. I outlined where the shadows were located to get a generalization of where all the shadows would be placed. Then using my “shammy” to create the light shadows in the image. The other shadows were created by using charcoal sticks to get nice dark shadows located on my neck and around my fingers. The actual reference image is darker than the illustration, but still holds its composition as a finished product. I was trying to illustrate the photo almost to the exact detail. The images side to side show a lot of realism. Through this semester this shows how much I have improved as an artist. My technical skill at using charcoal has also improved as well as shown. Charcoal was never easy for me so this was a huge step for me as an artist.

Post- Critique:

After critique most of the comments had to do with the lightness of the actual piece. The photo is actually darker than the photo, but I did this so the charcoal would be easier to blend and take away from the paper. Also the ear in the portrait was darkened and doesn’t look apart of the portrait, so that needed to be fixed.

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