Skeleton With-In Project: Final

Re-Created Skeleton With-In:

20140407_125225 copy

Completed: 4/7/14

Medium: Graphite

Size: 22″x 28″

Original Image:


Original Artist: Frank Frazetta

Medium: Graphite


“Humankind has been painting people: real, legendary, or imaginary for a very long time. Intent has changed with times and styles are varied due to the artist, country, and times. Showing ownership, recording historic figures, idolization, and narratives are a few examples of reasons to include others within a painting. From the beautiful to the grotesque we have been captivated by images of others.” – Constance Pennisi

Parting from the initial visual of a painting, the inner vision of it shows the contorsion and form of the structure creating the movement with the piece. The structure is  molded from not the exact representation of the human skeleton (or any skeleton), but the experimentation of the shape and mold of it. The artist sets the stance and pose of the characters where we decide how the artist saw the skeletal structure form within the people in the painting.

The residual drawing was crafted by Frank Frazetta whom experiments with curvature as well as fluid movement in his work. Rather than focusing on his posters and canvas paintings I decided to look into his sketch work. His sketch work shows “in the moment” action rather than a “stand still” image. Experimenting with applying the skeleton into the movement of the form would bring out the image more.

Overall, the detail and the building of the structure within was difficult due to the angles of the characters and the stance they were posed. Fixating the bones as accurately as possible to the human structure was difficult as well due to the shape and layering of each section of bone within the piece.

Finishing this project was gratifying in showing my progress from the beginning of the year. The expansiveness of detail in the skeleton shows how the application of skills learned shows up on the final project.


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