Gallery Response: Figure and Motion


A Solo Exhibition by Michael Bosworth

With the introduction of the gallery, by Michael Bosworth,  we begin the understand the aesthetic of natural disasters, but not in the moment of its occurrence but the aftermath of the event. The gallery showed particular attention to flooding and the what it might look like to completely flood a town and be calm after a time. The gallery included digital film as well as photographic images. With the digital film Michael created model house and put them into fishtanks. The fishtanks would represent an area where the flood occurred. The film projected on the right wall of the gallery showed a long timeline of bubbles rising and sticking to the surfaces in the model house. The liquid that created the bubbles were created using Sprite soda. The next digital video was projected inside a fish tank upside down due to the reflection of the tank’s glass. It this time showed another model house with calmer water and some manipulation of the flow of the water during the video. Moving on from the digital video, another part of the gallery set up included a sculpture-like center piece used as projectors and a water holding container. The three projectors are representative as industrial pieces to go along with the images being projected out of them. This is the same for the center water container as bricks do surround it. The images projected on the rest of the walls in the gallery show deserted parts of a ghost town affected by a flood that occurred in southern california. The images are boiled in water slowly being destroyed overtime showing not just destruction of the area, but the actual destruction of the photo as well.

The gallery brought to us the realization that viewing destruction is actually attractive to us and we can’t help, but to keep looking and to see more of what it happening. It is idea that this is not happening to you, which creates this calming moment and feeling of relief that keeps us viewing on. learning this from a gallery is interesting as well as disturbing to me because yes I can see how we can be so relaxed viewing such events, but at the same time it brings in conflict on the right or wrong of feeling this way.


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