Flip Book Project


Completed: 3/13/14

Total Frames: 55 Frames *Including Title and Ending Frame*

Hand-drawing the flip book seemed like a time-consuming task at first, but I soon realized it it was not so because I got so immersed in the process of creating it. The top of the flipbook is the Alfred State slogan, “…Hit the ground running”, which we get to represent in our own desired way. The character in the flipbook is Shiva the god of creation and death; the character I created.

The .gif format of the flipbook was difficult to take the hand-drawn images and to create the GIF. The flipbook was designed to show the character we created in motion. The motion chosen was running and then tripping on a rock. When he reaches the final position a “nuke” drops and ends in a mushroom cloud. However, the GIF does not show this because there was not enough space memory in the .gif file to create the full piece.

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