Character Profile: Facial Expressions, Positions, Canon, and Action Pose

Character Positions:

1) Penciled:


2) Inked:

inked copy

3) Colored:


Facial Expressions:


Canon of Beauty:


The canon of beauty used was inspired by the Greek canon of proportions. The Greek canon of proportions is measured by heads, so in the case of my character it is 7 heads tall.

Action Pose:

action pose

A character who creates life is represented almost lifeless, purposefully, because it does not know what life is nor what it should be like. So in the creation of life it molded the universe and its creatures after his humanoid figure, but not on the way it looks. Because it is perfect it designed a proportion, which it was based on: the head proportion method.

Creating a character that is simplistic, as such, takes time in defining the proportions of the body. Because it has no clothes the human figure pops out and we get to look at the curves and definition of the muscles on the body. The different views of the character was difficult in the way its frozen position was placed. Drawing different angles with its arms crossed proved to be the ‘bump in the road’.

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