“Line Project”

color black and white

color blackandwhite

color2 blackandwhite2

Completed: January 27, 2014


Materials Used:

Wire, Black Fabric, Bone Vertebrae of Unknown Source

For the design of this project the conception was surrounded by death, and was approached as such. The suspended vertebrae are exposed and shown off for the purpose of the acceptance of death as a part of life, but the box is the containment of such acceptance in life. The piece is reduced as it is simplistic in design and is purposeful as death is simplistic and straightforward. Although there is a complicated beauty in death as no one shares the same view of death and its occurrence.

Line weight, as used in the black fabric, pushes the vertebrae forward as it bounces off the background of the box. The box is consistent and uses same line weight throughout in order to give balance inside the box. The hilt/hold for the necklace is spun of skinny wire in order to create a spiral pattern around the neck and down the shoulder. The box then sits upon the left shoulder of the wearer in order to further the purpose of the ever looming idea of death.

Since such objects as bones are exposed the materialistic value of piece is little to none, but the intrinsic value is greater due to the fact that it was once living and is none concentrated as an idol of death and representation of such values. The ever looming shadow of such occurrence has need for purpose and acceptance from life as its counterpart in the after.

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