Figure Drawing Journal Week #1

Coming back into detailed drawing classes, I feel that I have become most comfortable with shading now that I have learned to do so in a proper manner. In Figure Drawing I want to improve on drawing parts of the human correctly to scale and function without a reference. Using shading to improve on my detail of the human body with come with time, but is a great deal of importance because it gives the body motion and form. To measure my improvement I will be comparing my past works to my new works and critique my new ones harshly to always strive for a better piece of art. A piece of art that has always stuck with me( I should say haunt me) would be the DOT, which lies in the MOMA. That piece of art angers me beyond compare. The reason it does it because it’s just a dot on a piece of paper. And I don’t believe that it belongs in a museum at all. I don’t even know if there is a meaning behind it, but oh does it anger me so. Honestly, the artist I most admire would be Katsuhiro Otomo. The reason is because his work is so detailed and has so much meaning with each stroke of his medium that it just make you think. Everything that is included in his work is to make you think and try to understand why it is there. I want to strive to become very advanced in drawing in the realistic and abstract of art.

Face Measurements:

20140123_125422 copy 20140122_152713 copy

In class we proceeded to take pictures of our classmates profiles for face measurements. Using this pictures we would use a grid in drawing these new faces. This project is to help our practice in accuracy and scale from photo to paper drawn.

Blind Contour Faces:

20140121_150846_resized_1 20140121_150932_resized_1 20140121_150923_resized_1 20140121_150907_resized_1 20140121_150856_resized_1 1 2 3 4

Wire Copy:

2 wire face

The start of a new semester we practice in the abstract to understand that all what we draw is not always as what it appears and or we want to be. Practicing blind contour drawings as such gives a feel for the paper and pen flowing on its desired path. This also helps us train our creative side of the brain and to let go of the intellectual side of art and just let the creativity flow from the brain, to the arm, to the pen, and then to the paper.

Caricature Drawings:

4 3 2 1

Bone Study In Progress:


Four Methods of Drawing Human Heads:

1. Caricatures: 5 Shapes!:

Varying head shape: A simple but effective guide


2. Manga:

This was fun. I think my kids will love trying Manga, too.
And this is a great little reference for different angles of the Manga face.

3. Fashion Tuts:

This is a great little breakdown of a fashion illustration.
And a super simplified face tutorial for your fashion sketches.

4. Draw the head from any angle:  has a lot of great video tutorials. Here’s a written blog post from the site’s creator.

Measurements of the Body:

url copy

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