Movie Response #5- Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Who Framed Roger Rabbit is an American Fantasy Comedy released in 1988. This film combines live action and animation. The film is based on Gary K. Wolf’s book Who Censored Roger Rabbit.  The film was financially successful and had many good reviews. It regained the interest in the Golden Age of Animation, the Disney Renaissance and the Modern Era of American Animation.  At the time it was the most expensive film to be greenlit at about $29.9 million.

The film is unique in how it combines live action and animation, but even from before the film’s release putting live action and animation together has been done since the 1920s. Although even so, the movie was the first to add animated personifications to the live action actors. This gave the film a new feeling of flow when viewed. But this would only be allowed to happen if the humans were in the animation’s world. From this it creates the effect of two different worlds overlapping, but is seen as common as the people in the feel act as if they see this everyday.

When putting the film together the production team first filmed the live action, then accommodate the animation after. The way the animators created the animations in the film is they took a photo of a live action scene, which is rotographed, then the animators drew the animation based on the relation to the live action scene. One of the most difficult parts of the animation was Jessica Rabbit’s dress in the nightclub scene due to its flashing sequins.

Overall this film has still been influential since its release in 1988. The animation style according to the live action is flawless as looks and feels as of the animations were actually alive during the filming of the movie. The animation was very detailed and worked on well. Even with the looniness of the film the story is a noir story, which I believe adds to the comedy of the film.


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