Phenakistoscope- Ace Card

20131119_114953 20131119_115034

While creating the Phenakistoscope I had difficulty with how to draw the card in motion. Using my sketchbook i created forms of certain focal point of interest where viewers can concentrate on. This took some time and many sketches to get the forms right. This actual part of the scope being graded was saved for last. I first designed the center with color and motion with switching colors. I did this in order to take the eye off the center and look more to the outer ring. The outer ring held the most motion and had the object in motion. I believe having a card as the object for this project was hard because we had to make the object turn and tumble. So in this instance the object needed to move in two different motions at the same time. This was confusing at first, but then became easier when I looked up videos on cards flowing in such a fashion in slow-motion. Thus this project was completed promptly and on point.

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