Wire Project- Eiffel Tower

The Final Product


My Drawing


Partner’s Drawing


Through the process of creating such a unique man-made structure was difficult even with two in a group. The wire Eiffel Tower stands at 3ft tall with square base. Trying to create this beast of a project was extremely difficult as the tower actually came together. The structure not only has geometric shapes but organic as well. For example, the curvature of the tower main supports, which lay on the outermost layer of the tower, have a curve that is so slight, but does affect the appearance of the piece. It was the inner bindings which held the geometric structure of the tower inside. Even with the difficulty of the project as a whole the hardest part was the inclusion of the detail of the “x” pattern of steel that extends from the base to the top of the structure.

Experiencing this project gave me a different view of certain objects. I actually got to dissect the structure and build it from the base up. From this my eye in detail increased and became very acute when building the piece. It was the tiny things within the piece that helped develop my eyesight even further. The eye for detail was not the only tool learned.  The navigation through  obstacles with a partner was another, which gave me a better understanding of cooperation with another. My partner and I went through many difficulties through this project and overcame them through planning and thinking outside the box. Overall the project was difficult, but was satisfying in the end to see the final product.

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