Glitch Art Processes

301533-bigthumbnail bleeep

The image you see conveyed the feeling of loneliness as well as the feeling of being marginalized. The center orb is blue and has a different face from the rest showing that it is different, while the other orbs are all the same and all surrounding the center orb.The original image seems too happy, so when the imaged was glitched using Photosounder it became darker and sinister after. The meaning is still the same, but it seems as if it was caused by forcing the orb to be marginalized in the group rather than the orb just being different.

Legacy Russell


The image above is made by Legacy Russell, who made this image about James Dean the porn star. The image is suppose to represent a digital orgasm from a computer standpoint. The reason this image was made, was to say that it is ok for women to explore individual sexuality from the medium of a computer screen. James Dean is popular in the porn industries for women, so with including him into this image makes this image more relatable and pleasing to women.

Text Edit


Here in this process the blue orb is now gone erased from existence while the other orbs are still present. From this the image no longer gives off the loneliness feel, nor the marginalized either. So now this image gives an anger feel to it because of the discoloration of the image.

Hex Fiend

301533-bigthumbnail (1)

In this image the blue orb is visible, so the sadness that comes off the orb is still there. Although in the background the yellow orbs are becoming distorted and faded, so this changes the meaning as  if people are leaving him permanently. But this could also mean that the yellow orbs are one of the same, just voices in the blue orns head.


301533-bigthumbnail (2)

So this process completely changes the meaning because audacity is a very destructive program, which is shown. The original image is not found anywhere on the new image and now this is nothing more than a pixelated mess.

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