Movie Response #4- Akira


Akira is a Japanese animated film that was released in 1988 in Japan. The movie is based on Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga. The film has been regarded as the milestone that set Japanese animation into motion. It has been recognized as a cult movie classic. The film was made to target adults in its noir-like story taking place in Tokyo and incorporating violence, drugs, and adult themes. Akira has been rated R thus because of its contents.

The movie has been dubbed in the Americanized version, which people say the Japanese is sub has better voice acting. To retain the importance and feel of the manga in an animated movie Katsuhiro agreed to let them make the movie only on the condition to oversee the whole process as creative director. In the animation the decreased the amount of money they used using limited animation. This was used throughout the film, but sometimes fairly hard to see when.

In the film it had a total of 160,000 animation cels. The film was condensed to about an hour and a half, with trying to fit the first 50 chapters of the manga into one whole story. The overall reviews the movie received were very positive and still are being received as people are still finding this film and being awed by the flawless animation and the intense noir storyline. Even if the Film was rated R, today adolescents and adults both view this film. Maybe for entertainment and maybe for education, but this film has”set the landmark for Japanese animation”(, Katsuhiro) and all others that come after.


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  1. Akira is my most favourite Manga animation, ever. Thank you for reviewing it. (^-^)

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