Movie Response #3- Fritz the Cat


Fritz the Cat  was released in 1972 and was presented as a cult classic film of animation. Also it is the highest grossing independent animated film ever made. The film used standard 2D animation, the same as Warner Bros. and Walt Disney at the time. The movie itself was the first animated movie to specifically target an adult audience. It is better known for being the first animated film to be given an X rating. The film featured themes including “racism and politics”, which were “too controversial to be explored by Disney.”(Levi George, WordPress)

The historical impact was very hefty, meaning the amount of acclaim and the reviews the film got were exponential. “The film was also disowned by Fritz the Cats original creator Robert Crum who was unhappy with the amount of sex in the film and the portrayal of the character Fritz (Levi George, WordPress).” The film was also never given a direct storyline, but instead the film follows seven stories in one film all based around the main character, Fritz. 

The background of the animation process was very strange in how the animators worked together on the film and animation: “Many of the animators who worked on the film were professionals that Bakshi had previously worked with at Terrytoons, including Jim Tyer, John Gentilella, Nick Tafuri, Martin Taras, Larry Riley, and Cliff Augustine. According to Bakshi, it took quite a long time to assemble the right staff. Those who entered with a smirk, “wanting to be very dirty and draw filthy pictures”, did not stay very long, and neither did those with a low tolerance for vulgarity. One cartoonist refused to draw a black crow shooting a pig policeman. Two female animators quit; one because she could not bring herself to tell her children what she did for a living, the other because she refused to draw exposed breasts (Wiki).”

The film itself, to me was fairly disturbing in some points of the film because of the graphic violence of cartoon  characters. And because they were cartoon characters the director and animators could further accentuate the violence, sex, drugs, etc. in the film. Also watching the film in 2013, rather than watching the film around the year/time it was released, gave me a new perspective because now the film would be more accepted due to the amount of violence, sex, and drugs that are present and represented in today’s society.


1.  : was used a resource based on his very detailed analysis of the film

2. :used as a generalized information about the film, to be used as an educational device

Note: The text used in my response; some(quoted statements) areas of the response are not mine and used for educational purposes to further help the response

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