Gallery Response #3- Nicole Dowd

Nicole Dowd is a graphic and exhibit designer. She is currently the Graduate Recruitment Coordinator for the Corcoran College of Art and Design, the college she earned an MA in Exhibition Design. She is also the advisor for the Society of Environmental Graphic Design. Pro Organizations that she is apart of: American Alliance of Museums,

Society for environmental graphic design, American institute of graphic arts
She also talked about many other artists in her lecture. For example:
Melissa Budinic
exhibit designer
Nat museum of mathematics
designed the museum of mathematics, little background history of math, built the museum from the ground up
museum of doing more than seeing
Nicole Grey
exhibit designer missouri history museum
worked really hard to get into field, graduated then took an internship, worked on a exhibit of the Mupperts
Courtney Payne
Gallagher & Associates
works internationally, design should be falling a story to the visitor
exhibit for LA national history museum
hand designed illustrations
hand render whole client packet
Julie Sears
J Paul gett museum LA, CA
BA studio art MA exhibition design
Ifi Flores
Newseum, DC
Ba psychology
MA exhibition design
Ashley Templeton
Exhibition Coordinator
Gallagher and Associates DC
Scott Clowney
Exhibition designer
national building museum
district architecture center
Nicole Dowd:
freelance graphics and exhibit designer

intrest in museums, not wanting to be a curator
defines the process of translating the curatorial narrative into 3d space
story telling and narrative are important
Studied art history
good backgrounds graphic design, architecture, fine art, art history, theater
designer: thinker, translator, makers creators, problem solvers, observers, etc
She then further explained how she became and how to become a gallery designer:
How to be an Exhibit Designer:
-grad school, not many, focused on planning and narrative of exhibit
 -tech training; segd looks at well round applicants, verbal and written communication skills
-knowledge of art history, 3d drawing, collaboration, implementation, formal and conceptual analysis of design
-space of gallery affects the size of the exhibit on the museums
-traveling tours, designers that rethink the narrative
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