Major Project #3- Tv Poster


Joker TV Show


Joker TV Show_Final_CMYK

Assignment: Create a TV poster about something that does not already exist.

For this project I used the Joker as an image for this Tv poster. The face is shown as an almost finished painting on the poster, representing distortion and chaos in the show. Next, the tagline, “If you knew the real me….would you weep?”, was inspired by the fact that the Joker character himself has never appeared out his state of madness, so the gives the hook of learning what he is really like without the madness. The main focus of the poster is the face, which gives away what the show could be about instantly. The minimal focus, which is viewed after the focal point of the poster, is the title and the time and date; which then includes the customized logo of the channel that it will be viewed on.

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