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Stop Motion Capture Video- Things That Happen When People Don’t Pay Attention

“Jules Engel was an American filmmaker, painter, sculptor, graphic artist, set designer, animator, film director, and teacher. He is the founding director of the Experimental Animation Program at the California Institute of the Arts, where he taught until his death, serving as mentor to several generations of animators. “For example:


“For the Russian sprite sequence, Engel emphasized the contrast between the bright figures and dark ground. The last dance, Chinese Mushrooms, has brought much debate in the animation community surrounding Engel, Art Babbit, and Elmer Pummer over who can claim responsibility for the sequence. Engel could claim responsibility for the choreography (timing) for the final sequence, but to this day, animation scholars and former students alike continue to debate the issue.”


“The director of Bambi, David Hand, asked Engel to do color work for his film. He worked on the timing for the sequence where Bambi first encounters his childhood playmate, Faline, which required a lot of movement analysis. After completing the sequence, he became committed to the entirety of the project after hearing the score for the film, which he thought had a lot of abstraction and movement. He began doing color sketches because he felt that the color schemes they were using during production was too naturalistic. Engel’s time at Disney would come to an end with the development of the Disney animators’ strike. While the union won the case over the studio, Engel didn’t go back, largely because while he enjoyed the place, he felt uncomfortable being surrounded by colleagues that he felt didn’t share his passion for the aesthetics of animation.”

 In his animations and design he gives life to inanimate objects within his art. So in retrospect i used inanimate objects brought to life that seem to have a mind of its own, yet still keep their objecting form there. I believe that i didn’t get the animated aspect, the overall bringing objects to life was brought forth and used.


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Note: The definitions/descriptions were taken from a database

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