Foundations Chair Project

chair 2chair

Assignment: Used what we learned throughout our time in Foundations class and create  realistic version of a still life chair.

During our time in Foundations we developed our skills and techniques through the many projects we had been given. This was to sharpen our sight in ways we never could before and to also develop our left side of the brain, which controls our creativity. From this we advanced in our many new found abilities and had to use them in a large project being viewed now.

To create a chair we I used measurement through the length of a pencil and tip. This use of the pencil gets the angle of the parts of the chair being viewed. This was based on the positioning of the chair as well as where ever you would stand, while doing this. Also when doing this I used a “clock” to further correct my angles and make sure that they are accurate. Another application of technique is when i used the “mandarin lines” to accentuate the length of the lines. This was to make sure that the measurements i already produced were accurate.

When all that was said and done the cloth on the chair was draw on top of the already constructed body of the chair.  This was easy in the case if it starting out as an outline. Putting the stripes on was the hardest and longest part of the process because each stripe had an individual flow to it. So getting each one on there in the correct flow pattern took a while. When that was accomplished the adding of the atmospheric perspective and shadowing was next. First I did the shadows because then i wouldn’t have to go over anymore of my piece with charcoal. The atmospheric perspective was easier to master due to the fact that objects that seemed closer were darker and objects further from the viewer had to be lighter

The whole process of putting together this piece was a collaboration of all the techniques and new abilities learned so far in my college life at ASC. With the help of our advanced eye sight and advanced brain function in creativity we have put together a piece that represents all that we have worked hard for.

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