Project 5- Abstract Typography Composition


Walk typography


Walk typography

Assignment: Create depth by using examples 1-7; Depth gives the allusion that some objects…

1. appear in front or closer to the viewer

2. appear behind or further away from the viewer

3. are created by size relationships

4. are overlapping

5. have linear perspective

6. have atmospheric perspective

7. have dimensional form created by shading dark to light or light to dark

Re-create a picture or design related to the word(s) from a poem, song or sentence you love.  Draw three dimensional letters replacing the shapes in your design with the word(s) you have chosen.

I used the title of the song Walk by the Foo Fighters. This song is one of my favorites by this artist. The song speaks of rising up and becoming who you want to be.

For this piece i used colored pencil and ink to create a 3D design using the word “walk”. The piece took about 4 hours to finish including the original sketch design. The piece uses analogous colors making each piece pop off the page. The colors i used were: blue, baby blue, light violet, orange, and i also used an accent of light green to give the image more of a pop to it.

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