Major Project #1- Political Poster


Syria political project copy copy



Assignment: For your Major Project #1, you are to create an image inspired by the practices developed by one of the following artists. Note: you cannot choose an artist you have already presented on. 

1. Hannah Hoch – Photomontage: Create a composite image using the techniques and concepts from the practice of Photomontage. Just as Hannah Hoch used her images to critique the Weimar Republic and the attitudes about the role of women, your photomontage image should similarly be inspired by a political statement.

2. El Lizitsky – Suprematism: Create a composite image using generated shapes and text relationships in the Suprematist tradition to speak about a political statement. You are also allowed to use typefaces as forms.

3. Alexander Rodchenko – Constructivism: Create a text+image composition inspired by Constructivist graphic design. This design should promote a political or civic idea.

4. Andreas Gursky: Contemporary Landscape Photomontage – Create a composite image where your composite layers are used to talk about line, form, rhythm, and color as landscape. Gursky was not interested in the contextual elements in the work, he is a formalist by nature; the images serve not as indicators of content, rather they are used as purely visual design elements.

Other Rules:

1. Inspiration is not mimicry. Do not mimic these artists, make it your own
2. You cannot use images from the web. You can however use scanners to can in 2d and 3d images, use cameras or use generative image processes on the computer.
3. If you appropriate an image from a magazine you scanned, you must recontextualize the image so that it no longer serves the purpose of the original maker of the image.

For this project i was inspired by Alexander Rodchenko. The purpose of my piece is to show that we need peace between the US and Syria. From his work i also used many geometric shapes to frame and develop my piece.  I used the “shaking of hands” motion to symbolize peace between america and Syria. The distinguishing arms are met with different colored hands, outlines, and their own “presidential” symbol acting as the cuffs on each wrist.

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