Project 4- Shapes in a Mandala

scope 2 scope

Assignment: Create a personal Mandala

1. Closed Composition

2. Organic Flow

3. Open Composition

4. Geometric Flow

I created my pieces based off the amazing work of David Lance. I used a cream matte background  used in most of his work. Also I used a grey blue mixed with a small amount of green to get the exact color I needed for the pieces. In the etchings of the feathers I used a dark red.

My image used is based off the popular spanish skull, but I put my own twist on the images. On the skulls there are headphones made of feathers. I used the image of headphones because of my love for music.

Constructed Cranium:

The first image is a closed composition piece shown by the arch and the text box below. It is framed by these spacious objects. The skull is made up of little flowing organic pieces, which are not touching. It is then shown floating on top of the brackish water; represented by the ripples.

Calamus Transceiver:

The second image is an open composition shown by the no inclusive framing. Actually, there is no framing. The skull is made up of geometric shapes, again are not touching. It is shown floating in empty space. The background is a basic stripe pattern switching between the cream matte background and the brackish blue color.

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