Flip-book Project

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Ub Iwerks

            Ub Iwerks was a two-time Academy Award winning American animator, cartoonist, character designer, inventor, and special effects technician, who co-created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse with Walt Disney. Iwerks was considered by many to be Walt Disney’s oldest friend, and spent most of his career with Disney.

Iwerks’s cartoons were artistically superb, but they lacked the strong storylines and appealing characters that distinguished the Disney output. The two met in 1919 while working for the Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio in Kansas City, and would eventually start their own commercial art business together. “Disney and Iwerks then found work as illustrators for the Kansas City Slide Newspaper Company. While working for the Kansas City Film Ad Company, Disney decided to take up work in animation, and Iwerks soon joined him. He was responsible for the distinctive style of the earliest Disney animated cartoons, and was also responsible for creating Mickey Mouse. In 1922, when Walt began his Laugh-O-Gram cartoon series, Iwerks joined him as chief animator. The studio went bankrupt, however, and in 1923 Iwerks followed Disney’s move to Los Angeles to work on a new series of cartoons known as “the Alice Comedies” which had live action mixed with animation. After the end of this series, Disney asked Iwerks to come up with a new character. The first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was animated entirely by Ub Iwerks. Following the first cartoon, Oswald was redesigned on the insistence of Universal, who agreed to distribute the new series of cartoons in 1927.”(Wiki)

In my flipbook I tried to adapt the famous Disney style used in Ub’s works. Throughout the process of designing my flipbook I kept going back to re analyze he works and flow of each of his cartoons he made. Further more, I wanted to use the zany style of the characters he created. Most of his characters were some-type of animal, so in mine I used a certain animal to help support the adaptation. I believe that my adaptation of the cartoon was pretty good, knowing that no one can just re create a style used specifically by one man and company.


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