Gallery Response: Darrin Martin



Prof: Jason Bernagozzi

Computer Animation I, 10:00 a.m

September 10, 2013

Darrin Martin: My Other Myself

This event took place in the SET building of SUNY Alfred State, starting at about four p.m. in room 215(lecture hall). Darrin Martin is the presenter of the gallery as well as the abstract artist behind the abstract work that was presented. He graduated with his masters across the street at Alfred University. Darrin lost his hearing in his right ear; he actually went deaf when a calcium build up led him to get failed emergency surgery in his ear.  One of his major medias is video, but he does “dabble” in sculpture. Also he does some of his work in prints with perception and or perceptual reality. He is very interested in, specifically, the perception of the senses with art.

Darrin worked with experimental video/media, which he worked on as early as when he was in Alfred University. His first experimental videos, the Hearing Loss Trilogy, give off oscillating sounds which weaver in patterns the longer the video is played. The tones are accompanied by computer-like symbols rolling across and up and down the screen. The next screening was, Summer of Tympanoplasty, which is a four-minute documentation from 2003. This screening is of himself with the pole from his ear and a bandage on his forehead from the failed surgery. Monograph in Stereo, from 2004/05, is another part of the trilogy which, as Darrin stated, “the most complex of the three part series…” This video also shows him with the surgical headband covering his right ear where he had gotten the surgery.

The most intriguing part of the lecture, which caught my attention, was the second part of the Hearing Loss Trilogy. The reason it caught my attention was the intense complexity of the experimental film. The sounds that jumped out and just rang were sometimes painful and annoying to listen too, but the intensity of the sounds went with the flow of the film. I believe that the flow of the film gave it an ominous and weird feeling to it. I felt very out of place when watching his work, but Darrin’s work is very well produced and very interesting.

To put this content into my work would be difficult, but not on an image basis. The sound is what would be difficult because I could not recreate the sounds, which were given a lot of thought into them. Specifically, this lecture will help me in the application of sound and film into my art.

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