Pattern Project

word press project

Assignment: Expressing pattern as a design

1. Create a realistic drawing

2. Explore your subject in three dimensions

3. Create a detail

4. Stylize the form

Pattern-> the form of an object is a diagram of forces

When thinking of forces in a pattern i look to the Mayans and Aztecs. Their work was exceptional and even beyond their time. Each design they made was so precise and on target. When drawing the design i centered the pattern on one focal point where it then flows outward in sharp, smooth geometric shapes.

The design itself was also related to a circuit board. When looking at it you can see the wire-like pattern as you might see in a wire plan.

Mayan and Aztec patterns and designs don’t have a 3D burst and or out reach, but they do have depth with a sharp edge. To do that i added texture of an accordion  pattern to show the smooth but sharp finish.

The stylized pattern was finally researched in the way the Mayans designed their work.  They did so with geometric shapes of different colors, but in my instance i used black and white


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