Linear Book

photo of linear book 1 photo of linear book 2 Photo of linear book 3 photo of linear book 4 photo of linear book 5 photo of linear book 6 photo of linear book 7 photo of linear book 8


Assignment- Design a linear achromatic depiction of a typical day in your life: three sketches, two refinements, and one final. Design a cover for the book that is relevant to style and content of your linear drawing.

EXTRA CREDIT: Design your first initial as an illuminated letter. (on your drawing board)?

The lines are neat and bold in the final product of my piece. I based my final off of the second draft in doing this assignment. I used cardboard as the cover with water color board on top to strengthen the cover. On the cover i included the illuminated letter as extra credit. The piece lets your eyes flow left to right, but lets you stay long enough to view the drawing and to understand what it represents

I used certain moments of my day to represent the entire day. On the first page I represented myself waking up with “z’s” coming out of my mouth, flowing into head phones, which represents myself listening to music in the morning. Then The cords of the head phones flow into an easel, which represents me in art class. Going further into the book, it then goes into a drawing of food representing my meal time during the day. Next, it builds into a macbook, which shows icons of programs i use in DGMA. Finally it gently falls into my bed and forms my room and shows myself asleep.



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