You and Nature


Design a Webpage; 11×14; Ink and Colored Pencils; 2D Design:

1. Use your logo; combine it with nature to create a heading for a website. “As with nature, when you recombine what already exists into something new and unique in the world, you learn from new ways of seeing the connections you already know”*

2. Organize a webpage of your dreamworld in your sketchbook by drawing or collage. Site your influences at the bottom of the essay.

3. Visit all the artists from chapters 1 through 3 to influence and learn about web design. Compare and contrast your design to one artist.

4. On arches block paint a water color wash for background. Draw or trace your web design onto the painted background with colored pencils.

When trying to create a web design of my “Dream World” and or “Dream Page” i couldn’t fully grasp the ideas behind incorporating nature into my art. But as soon as i started sketching the ideas started to flow to me as if it were muscle memory. Things that are most natural to us come to us easily. In the “muscle memory” sense when we do certain things more and more we then remember not through actual memory, but through our body and flow of our movement.

My idea came from death; the most natural thing that i could think of. Death is what occurs everyday and is the least understood faction of life. By adding death into my art i allowed nature to do its work for me. I have experienced death a lot in my life, but it is a common thing to experience when young. So when exploring this design i tried to create relatable symbols and designs in the web page that would be easy to identify.

My page design is dark in using the dark shades of black and brown, but i did want to add some color, which with that i used red, orange, and blue violet. These colors are mostly associated with death and or the idea of death. Also these vibrant colors draw the eyes onto the page.

When doing my my art i like to try and layer, even if it is seemingly impossible i still do try. I really like the artwork of Lari Pittman who is a layerist artist. All of his artwork no matter what it is has layers upon layers, and even some that are hard to notice. He is a true master of art. His art draws you further and deeper into the artwork. In his art little designs are found in the smallest spaces, which draws you in closer as it seems as a never-ending design within itself. I strive to someday become as well experienced as him. For now i do try and layer my art as hard as it is.

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